Joyce Menger ArtworkS

Géométrie Vivante

Nature has become my field of artistic exploration, the one through which the physical and the spiritual are linked, a condition for the emergence of emotion.

It appears to me as an unshakeable force. It precedes, governs, acts, suffers, perseveres in its being. 

To the contemplation of a landscape, I respond with a Living Nature, free of its space and its geometry, expression of a desire reduced to its simplest device of movement and transformation. It is an act of revolt and freedom.

Composed of an assembly of geometric and regular patterns, of fragments of Nature melted into a renewed harmony, my digital paintings question the notion of Order, of Chaos, and the strange relationship between them.

If from this unpredictability springs a new equilibrium, it immediately plunges us into the field of philosophical questioning and astonishment: isn’t chaos only the absence of perception and understanding of order? Is it not vanity to believe that we understand, incline and then master this Nature which exceeds us in every way, in strength, age and vitality?

At a time of great changes, of climatic upheavals, when everyone seems to want to speak in the place of, the question seems to me more topical than ever.