Joyce Menger ArtworkS


I transport myself, I travel, I transcend, I have fun, I imagine, I experiment, I immerse, I sublimate, I transpose, I transform, I possess and I observe.


A landscape shows all the visible features of an area of land, all organized in a certain pattern, anchored by the horizon, showing perspectives, colors and subjects.

Different landscapes, assemblages of several public domain photos are articulated around a scheme anchored by the horizon line.  The skyline as a landmark that the eye needs. What the human being needs.

These views all show a distinctive pattern voluntary disturbed through the use of transparencies, solids and perspectives.

The space is modified. Our gaze is manipulated. Our emotional order changes.

What do we see? What do we want to see there?

There are different ways of seeing the space that surrounds you, it depends where you stand. When there is a horizon, there is always a perspective.