Joyce Menger ArtworkS

Still living Life

The past years have been agited.

A desire of movement has bloomed up in me.

The Nature Morte has appeared to me as the best way to explore this desire by its visual and meaning.The French expression nature morte (literally ‘dead nature’) has been used to refer to still life, the field of painting that represented nature through symbolic and allegorical meanings that explicitly referred to its fragility and ephemerality, and indirectly also to the vanity of human life.

A way of organizing, of ordering the relationship between things, from the human point of view.

 As soon as its opposite when exploring its semantics , “Living Nature”, is pictured, completely different issues arise.

The repressed desire of movement or change. Making it alive, is an act of revolt of its own inertia in the space. A reflection on yourself and the relation with the things that surround you at different degrees.